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1st January 2020

Observations of the Space-X Starlink series of Satellites

Since the end of November BUFORA has received many reports of the Space-X Starlink series of Satellites.

The ‘strange lights’ in the sky were thought to be UFOs that were supposedly invading or just visiting Earth but unfortunately not. 

If you see these over the UK they are NOT UFO's but satellites that are part of the Space-X Starlink project to provide accessible internet to everyone.

(Photo received via the BUFORA website)

Below is a summary of reports received via the BUFORA website.

Date Time Duration No  Description Location
28.11.19 0530 10 mins 25-30 Bright white lights. Nantymoel, Bridegend.
28.11.19 0548 7 mins 21 Long line of stars moving Newport, Caerphilly.
28.11.19 0555 5 mins 20+ String of white lights. Christian Malford, Wiltshire.
28.11.19 0615 10 mins 12 Star Like  Hartlepool, Co Durham.
29.11.19 0410 30+ N/A
29.11.19 0430 Many N/A
29.11.19 0600 5 mins 20-30 Like a line of cars on a motorway. Middleton, Manchester.
29.11.19 0600 20-30mins 100+ Star like travelling in a straight line. Eckington, Sheffield.
29.11.19 0615 25+ Co. Durham.
29.11.19 0615 100+ Bright star like. Mid Wales.
29.11.19 0620 5 mins 30+ Light in sky. Bromley, London.
29.11.19 0620 8 mins 30+ Bright white star like. Northwich, Cheshire.
29.11.19 0620 9 mins 22+ White like a satellite. Stanton, Suffolk.
29.11.19 0620 3-4 mins 10+ White like a satellite. Solihull, West Midlands.
29.11.19 0620 2 mins 15-16 White star like Tuffley, Gloucestershire.
29.11.19 0624 5 mins 28 Like a satellite white. Wakefield, West Yorkshire.
29.11.19 0625 5 mins 20+ String of white lights. Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
29.11.19 0625 12 White Light String N/A
29.11.19 0625 Many Star like  Baschurch, Shropshire.
29.11.19 0630 4-5 mins Many Star light engines heard! Ballymena, Northern Ireland.
29.11.19 100+ Star like travelling in a straight line. N/A
30.11.19 0400 30+ Straight line of stars. N/A
30.11.19 0510 22+ Star like. Bole, Nottinghamshire.
30.11.19 0530 7 Star like Bridlington, East Yorksire.
30.11.19 0640 30+ Satellite like. Edinburgh, 
30.11.19 0700 15 mins 50+ White star like Doncaster, South Yorkshire.
01.12.19 Many Line of Stars moving. Cheshire.
01.12.19 0200 3-4 mins 30+ Stars in a necklace. N/A
01.12.19 0700` 12+ Star like N/A
02.12.19 0600 10 mins 50+ Star like Caterham, Surrey.
02.12.19 0600 45 secs 9 White star like Llanedeyrn, Cardiff
02.12.19 0600 6 mins 28 White lights Saltash, Cornwall.
02.12.19 0610 10 secs 6+ White lights Yeovil, Somerset.
02.12.19 0610 1 min 15 String of white lights. Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.
02.12.19 0640 Many Train of white lights Honiston, Devon.
02.12.19 18 Lights Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire.
03.12.19 0600 30+ Ring of satellites orbiting Bradford, West Yorkshire.
03.12.19 0620 30+ Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.
03.12.19 0625 5-8 mins 40+ Star like Wakefield, West Yorkshire.
03.12.19 0629 5 mins 30 Star like Wirral, Merseyside.
03.12.19 0630 15 Straight line of stars moving Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
03.12.19 0630 2  mins 15 White lights like a star Burntwood, Staffordshire.
03.12.19 0630 Line of moving stars Hove, East Sussex.
03.12.19 0632 5 mins 18+ White light Warrington, Cheshire.
04.12.19 0510 20 mins 15+ Star like Norwich, Norfolk.
04.12.19 0515 15 mins Many Bluish White Lights. Liverpool, Merseyside.
04.12.19 0516 10 mins 30+ Line of moving stars Rendlesham, Suffolk.
04.12.19 0520 3-5 mins 20 Mutiple Star like Pattishall, Northamptonshire.
04.12.19 0700 20+ Mutiple Star like Dublin.
04.12.19 Lights in straight line N/A
05.12.19 0550 3-4 mins 30+ Star like Gillingham, Kent.
29.12.19 1800 15+ Line of lights like a necklace. Alletsree, Derbyshire.
29.12.19 1800 50+ Chain of lights. Rainrow, Cheshire.
29.12.19 1800 40+ Lights in the sky moving. Bideford, Devon.
29.12.19 1810 10 mins 30 Line of moving stars. Duffield, Derbyshire.
29.12.19 1811 8 Line of lights moving. Clayton.
29.12.19 1815 10 mins Train of white lights N/A
29.12.19 1815 7 Line of lights. Bryn Gwyn, Powys.
29.12.19 1815 4-5 mins 20-30 Stream of lights. Southsea, Hampshire.
29.12.19 1815 60+ Moving lights like stars. N/A
29.12.19 1817 4 mins Many white lights Essex.
29.12.19 1820 5 mins 15 Lights moving in a row. Bristol, Avon.
29.12.19 1820 10 mins 40-50 Line of lights. Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.
29.12,19 1820 15 mins 30+ White lights Worthing, West Sussex.
29.12.19 50+ Row of lights. N/A
30.12.19 1730 4 mins 25-30 Moving lights. Tintwistle, Derbyshire.
31.12.19 1730 45+ Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
31.12.19 1730 5-9 mins 50+  String of white lights. Boston, Lincolnshire.
31.12.19 1730 30+ Line of white lights. Preston, Lancashire.
31.12.19 1734 3-4 secs 9 White lights in a line. North Hykeham, Lincolnshire.
31.12.19 1930 20 mins Many Lights in a line. Bathgate, West Lothian.

You can visit the following site and input your location to see when the satellites are visible.

Michael Hudson



28th October 2019

In Memory of Rod Howarth

Rod Howarth ,my dear friend of twenty eight years died last week on Monday 21st October.  

His contribution to ufology was unsurpassed; never in the limelight of this subject, but always in the background supporting, advising and a steady force of rationality, laughter and good solid research without the drama and politics that so often pervades this subject.

His library of UFO and paranormal DVDS is large, and he spent years collecting UFO movies and documentaries from around the world.  It is an accolade to Rod that he gave so much of his time collating this enormous library for future research and information.

My friendship with Rod began many years ago in 1991 when. I attended a UFO conference in 1991 entitled 6th International Congress – UFOs The Global view.  It was a three-day conference in Sheffield being sponsored and presented by the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) and the Independent UFO Network (IUN).  It was to be a foray into the UFO world that was mesmerising and when I walked into a very crowded Sheffield Theatre Library, I remember feeling overwhelmed by all the groups of people and their very strange conversations which I heard fleetingly all around the area in the foyer.

Then, suddenly, I saw a tall 6ft guy striding towards me with a big smile and he said hello and that he was Rod Howarth with the Independent UFO Network and he just wanted to welcome me to the conference.  I felt much less overwhelmed in a matter of moments.  He introduced me to his colleagues from the IUN and gave me a light hearted overview of everything going on and ensured I was included in his group of his friends and colleagues during the three day conference.  This was my introduction to the strange and fascinating world of Ufology at the beginning of the 1990s. Rod was a source of fun and laughter with his view of ufology and the people who were involved with the subject. 

He was not ever critical or judgemental and allowed people their opinions and beliefs but would make  suggestions and give other viewpoints to create balance and information. He taught me much in the early days and throughout the years ahead. Thank you Rod.

Rod will be sadly missed by so very many in the UFO community with his huge heart, his kindness, thoughtfulness and his joy of life; and his very natural ability to connect with and welcome everyone into the many events and conferences that he attended and helped organise during the heady time of the 90s when the UFO subject reached an all-time high. We shall all miss him terribly.

On behalf of BUFORA, I would like to express our deepest sympathy to his wife, Pat, his sons and his grandchildren for their loss. 
Foremost and above all, Rod was a family man and his family were the source of his greatest inspiration.

You will never be forgotten my friend.

Gloria Heather Dixon (BUFORA)