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A BUFORA research magazine, that ran alongside the main journal/bulletin overlaps.

Volume 1: (three issues complete volume)

No.1                     July/August 1979  JTAPVol.1No.1JulAug1979.pdf

No.2                     March/April 1980     

No.3                     July/August 1980     

Volume 2: (* Five issues complete volume, No.5 should have been designated Vol.3 No.1)

No.1                     May 1981     JTAPVol.2No.1May1981.pdf

No.2                     January 1982     JTAPVol.2No.2Jan1982.pdf

No.3                     July 1982     

No.4                     January 1983     JTAPVol.2No.4Jan1983.pdf 

No.5*                   August 1983     JTAPVol.2No.5Aug1983IntendedasVol3No.1.pdf                                               

Volume 3: (*Number one missing, mislabelled Vol2 No.5)

No.2                     April 1984     JTAPVol.3No.2April1984.pdf

No.3                     October 1984     JTAPVol.3No.3Oct1984.pdf

No.4                     March 1985     JTAPVol.3No.4Mar1985.pdf

Volume 4: (Four issues, complete volume)

No.1                     September 1985     JTAPVol.4No.1Sep1985.pdf

No.2                     March 1986    JTAPVol.4No.2Mar1986.pdf

No.3                     September 1986     JTAPVol.4No.3Sep1986.pdf

No.4                     March 1987     JTAPVol.4No.4Mar1987.pdf

Volume 5 (Four issues, complete volume)

No.1                     September 1987     JTAPVol.5No.1Sep1987.pdf

No.2                     March 1988     JTAPVol.5No.2Mar1988.pdf

No.3                     September 1988     JTAPVol.5No.3Sep1988.pdf

No.4                     FINAL ISSUE March 1989     JTAPVol.5No.4Mar1989FinalIssue.pdf