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Main journal that continued after the Journal of Transient Aerial Phenomena and BUFORA Bulletin

No.1                     May 1989     UFOTimesNo.1May1989.pdf

No.2                     July 1989     



No.3                     September 1989     



No.4                     November 1989     UFOTimesNo.4Nov1989.pdf


No.5                     January 1990     UFOTimesNo.5Jan1990.pdf


No.6                     March 1990     UFOTimesNo.6Mar1990.pdf


No.7                     May 1990     UFOTimesNo.7May1990.pdf

No.7*(8)              July 1990 (numbering error as a second No.7)   


No.9                     September 1990     UFOTimesNo.9Sep1990.pdf


No.10                   November 1990     UFOTimesNo.10Nov1990.pdf


No.11                   January 1991     UFOTimesNo.11Jan1991.pdf


No.12                   March 1991     UFOTimesNo.12Mar1991.pdf


No.13                   May 1991     UFOTimesNo.13May1991.pdf


No.14                   July 1991     UFOTimesNo.14Jul1991.pdf


No.15                   September 1991     UFOTimesNo.15Sep1991.pdf


No.16                   winter 1991     UFOTimesNo.16Winter1991.pdf


No.17                   spring 1992     UFOTimesNo.17Spring1992.pdf


No.18                   May/June 1992     UFOTimesNo.18MayJun1992.pdf


No.19&20            summer 1992     UFOTimesNo.1920Summer1992.pdf


No.21                   January/February 1993     UFOTimesNo.21JanFeb1993.pdf


No.22                   March/April 1993     UFOTimesNo.22MarApr1993.pdf


No.23                   May/June 1993     UFOTimesNo.23MayJun1993.pdf


No.24                   July/August 1993     UFOTimesNo.24JulAug1993.pdf


No.25                   September/October 1993     UFOTimesNo.25SepOct1993.pdf


No.26                   November/December 1993     UFOTimesNo.26NovDec1993.pdf


No.27                   January/February 1994     UFOTimesNo.27JanFeb1994.pdf


No.28                   March/April 1994     UFOTimesNo.28MarApr1994.pdf


No.29                   May/June 1994     UFOTimesNo.29MayJun1994.pdf


No.30                   July/August 1994     UFOTimesNo.30JulAug1994.pdf


No.31                   No date 1994     UFOTimesNo.31Nodate1994.pdf


No.32                   No date 1994     UFOTimesNo.32Nodate1994.pdf


No.33                   January/February 1995     UFOTimesNo.33JanFeb1995.pdf


No.34                   March/April 1995     UFOTimesNo.34MarApr1995.pdf


No.35                   May/June 1995     UFOTimesNo.35MayJun1995.pdf


No.36                   July/August 1995     UFOTimesNo.36JulAug1995.pdf


No.37                   September/October 1995     UFOTimesNo.37SepOct1995.pdf


No.38                   November/December 1995     UFOTimesNo.38NovDec1995.pdf


No.39                   January/February 1996     UFOTimesNo.39JanFeb1996.pdf


No.40                   March/April 1996     UFOTimesNo.40MarApr1996.pdf


No.41                   May/June 1996     UFOTimesNo.41MayJun1996.pdf


No.42                   July/August 1996     UFOTimesNo.42JulAug1996.pdf


No.43                   September 1996     UFOTimesNo.43SepOctNov1996.pdf


No.44                   December/January/February 1996/7     UFOTimesNo.44DecJanFeb1997.pdf


No.45                   FINAL ISSUE October 1997     UFOTimesNo.45Oct1997FINAL.pdf