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BUFORA to make available online all of its publications.


These were produced at various times intermediately between the main magazines and contain not just additional sighting reports but also some research papers and studies.

1963 Reports Summary     1963ReportsSummary.pdf

Research Bulletin:

Volume 1 No.3 October 1968     1968OctResearchBulletinVol.1No.3.pdf

Volume 1 No.4 January 1969     1969JanResearchBulletinVol.1No4.pdf
Volume 2 No.2 October 1969     1969OctResearchBulletinVol.2No.2.pdf
Volume 3 No.2 August 1970     1970AugResearchBulletinVol.3No.2.pdf
Volume 3 No.4 May 1970 Numbering Inconsistent     1970MayResearchBulletinVol.3No.4.pdf
Volume 4 No.1 Jan 1973     1973JanResearchBulletinVol.4No.1.pdf
Volume 4 No.2 Jul 1973     1973JulResearchBulletinVol.4No.2.pdf
Volume 4 No.3/4 December 1973     1973DecResearchBulletinVol.4No.34.pdf
Volume 5 No.1 June 1974     1974JuneResearchBulletinVol.5No.1.pdf
The Investigator No.1 1973 (unusual covered/artwork UFO sighting pamphlet)     1973FebTheInvestigatorNo.1BUFORA.pdf
1987 BUFORA winter news     1987BUFORAWinterNews.pdf
1991 BUFORA winter news     1991BUFORAWinterNews.pdf
1993 BUFORA winter news     1993BUFORAWinterNews.pdf
1998 BUFORA summer news     1998BUFORASummerNews.pdf
2002 BUFORA summer news     2002BUFORASummerNews.pdf