The British UFO Research Association
Investigations & Research since 1962
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BUFORA to make available online all of its publications.

General Publicity and Information:

First conference agenda leaflets as LUFORO, BUFOA merged towards BUFORA in 1962.     


Information and donation sheet in 1964     1964BUFORAInfosheetSept.64.pdf

Publicity sheet at formation in 1964     1964BUFORAPublicitynotice.pdf

Introduction to BUFORA 1981     1981IntroductiontoBUFORABooklet.pdf

BUFORA general leaflet 1989     1989BUFORAGeneralLeaflet.pdf

BUFORA lecture flyer 1997-8     1997-8BUFORALectureflyer.pdf

History of BUFORA to 1975: Lionel Beer.     19752003HistoryofBUFORALionelBeer.pdf