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     Welcome to the British UFO Research Association


If you wish to report a sighting or experience,please use our dedicated ‘report a sighting’ page on this site.
it is easy to complete and send to our team of specialists.
All BUFORA investigators are fully accredited and trained with witness confidentiality assured.
We have a dedicated team of specialists with regards to all kinds of specific case categories,
ranging from high strangeness categories through to photographic analysis.

                               For press and media enquiries, please visitour specific page for our dedicated representative,
John Wickham.

BUFORA is a non-cultist and scientificallyevaluative organisation since its formation in 1962, when a number of UFO research
organisations and individuals formed with an inaugural meeting at Kensington, London.
These included societies such as the British Flying Saucer Bureau and the
London UFO Research organisation, early magazine producers and individual investigators.
The BUFORA Journal was produced from 1962 and under various titles,was the mainstay of contact for members until the
website took over exclusively in 2005. A magazine format may return in the future.

Hundreds of cases have been published inthe journal and special study booklets have been produced in over half a
century of ongoing focus on all aspects of the UFO phenomenon. The complete
collection of all of these can be purchased on one single DVD at the BUFORA
products section of this site.

Conferences have been staged since the 1960s at regular frequencies,
with our fiftieth anniversary staged in London in 2012.

BUFORA continues to be a major contributor and consultant to news, documentaries and articles over the decades, with many
prominent UFO authors as part of its team throughout its history.

Since the 1970s, the association has run aspecialist training course in investigations. BUFORA also formed a code of
practice for investigators which continues into the present, with all reports

lead by the witness in every case.

Special studies include ongoing datacollection, such as the Amnamnesis project and Vehicle Interference Reports.
BUFORA adopts an open and analytical view to all cases and report categories
and continues to explore the UFO phenomena with an open mind, with no belief
systems or exclusive theories in its continuing investigations.
An excellent introduction to the UFO subject can be found on the tab:
"Guide to UFOs"

If you have any further questions, please

get in touch with the team via our contacts page.